Welcome to D/PAC...
a software package designed specically for the Business Forms Distributor

D/PAC is a comprehensive, complete "in-house" software package, specifically designed to accomodate the unique needs of a business forms distributor: per M and per LOT pricing, profit analysis per invoice, sales reports, inventory analysis, spec sheets, plant orders, forms management, and much more.

Dependable and Totally Interfaced

D/PAC is designed to become an integral part of your business. You can rely on D/PAC for many of the important tasks of operating your forms business--everything from order processing to invoicing to bottom-line financial statements. D/PAC gives you the control you need plus the tools to enhance or expand your business.

This totally interfaced system is used throughout the business:

  • Front Office -- Request for Quotes and Order Entry.

  • Accounting -- Billing, Receivables, Payables, and Financials, as well as a Daily Report which lets you know on a day-by-day basis the cash position of your company.
  • Warehouse -- Bills of Lading, Delivery Tickets, Carton Labels, and Receiving Reports.

D/PAC is Modular in Design

D/PAC can automate, immediately or gradually, every area of your business. Interactive programs encompass: Spec Sheets, Order Entry, Carton Labels, Bills of Lading, Order Reports, Forms Management, Inventory control, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll, Sales Analysis, Commission Reports, and more!


D/PAC is backed by a support staff. Technical Support is provided through an 800 support line, a fax line, and by the use of the internet. This provides immediate problem resolutions. The D/PAC Software does not stand still. We listen to our users and continually look for ways to make the D/PAC software better. As new ideas are introduced they are incorporated into the D/PAC software. D/PAC upgrades are added at NO COST to our users under extended warranty. We also provide programming services for custom changes when needed or requested.

D/PAC is Easy to Use

D/PAC can be installed by anyone with or without computer experience. D/PAC is installed and being used at SINGLE computer locations as well as locations with over 100 workstations connected to a single server or multiple servers. With the online D/PAC User's Guide, HELP Windows, and LOOKUP modules, you have all the tools necessary to get your business up and running in the most efficient way.

PLUS, with our technical support hot line we can answer most questions you have regarding interfacing the D/PAC software with your computer and business.

The D/PAC software has been installed in one person distributorships by people with no computer experience. All they had was a computer and did not even know how to turn it on. By calling our technical support hot line they learned how to turn it on, install the D/PAC Software, and modify the system to go directly into the user friendly D/PAC software. They are up and running... printing purchase orders, entering orders, printing invoices, writing checks, producing financial statements, producing forms management reports, cost center reports, etc... THEY ARE GETTING WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED FROM THE COMPUTER!

With the D/PAC HELP windows any time the computer is prompting you for a response you can press the F1 function key and a window will appear on the screen explaining how you need to respond to the prompt. If the computer is wanting an item number, customer number, vendor number, or a number from any data base in the software, a list will display so you can locate and select the number without having to refer to another screen or a report. QUICK!, EASY TO USE!, and EFFICIENT! ..... THAT IS THE D/PAC SOFTWARE.

Following is just a small sampling of the sales and activity reports available to you and your customer. A report writer is available for you to design reports that are not available through the D/PAC system. With this ability you can get information from the D/PAC database without any custom programming.

D/PAC HAS REPORTS ... for your business and your customer's business!

The D/PAC software comes with the necessary reports for you to adequately run your business. They are easy to produce and provide you with information you want to know. All of the reports are available in HTML format and can be displayed on the screen using your internet browser.  Listed below are just a sample of the reports available.

The following two reports are very informative and should be run at the end of each day. They are available as a report or as an inquiry on the workstation.

Daily Report

This report tells you where you stand today. It reports sales and profit today and month to date, collections today and month to date, accounts payable today and month to date, current backlog of orders, current accounts receivable, current accounts payable, and more. A simple one page report printed at the end of each day telling you want and need to know.

Sales Summary

This is a simple 3-line report for each salesman telling you how each salesman is doing. It reports what they have on order, sales and profit, and what they have billed this month, sales and profit. It tells you their YTD sales and profit, average monthly profit, average profit per invoice, and average monthly profit. Company-wide totals are at the end of the report. In most cases this is a simple one page report and is available at and should be run at the end of each day.

The following reports are on a monthly or as-needed basis.

Sales Tax Report

This report will report all sales taxes due to the state on an accural or a cash basis.

Volume Sales Analysis

This report ranks the customers from the most profitable to the least profitable, reported by salesman, then company wide.

Sales by Product

This report shows what products are moving and are the most profitable, reported by salesman, then company wide.

Quarterly Sales Report

This report shows what products are moving and are the most profitable by quarter. Reported by salesman, then company wide.

Refer to the Sales Analysis menu for additional reports that are available!

D/PAC has screen displays for...

Item History

This display reports all open orders first then reports all orders from the historical file. This display shows you the date of the order, invoice number, job number, item number and description, quantity ordered, unit of measure, cost and sale price, vendor and vendor's job number, and any comments associated with the order. This query is really good for looking at what a customer has ordered and tracking the sequence of the orders.

Sales Analysis

This display reports profit and sales for a given customer on a month to date, quarter to date, year to date, and for the last 12 months.

Reorder Tickler Report

This report allows the salesman to provide a tickler date with each order. The tickler date is the date the salesman wants to be reminded to check the customer's inventory and see if the product needs to be reordered. If the product is not ready to be ordered the salesman can change the tickler date to a new date.

D/PAC has Reports for Your Customers

Forms Management Report

This is a report that shows the customer's inventory. It reports the item number, description, size, purchase order number, numbering, number of parts, quantity per carton, unit of measure, quantity on hand in the warehouse, quantity on hand at the customer location, last warehouse release, quantity received by customer this month, last order date and quantity, current order date and quantity, last physical count, average monthly usage, last 12 months usage, this month's usage, projected annual usage, and the number of months remaining supply on hand.

Cost Center Report

This report shows the customer what each of their cost centers or departments have received month to date or year to date. It reports cost center number or department number, item number and description, order number, date, purchase order number, quantity received, unit of measure, price, and extension. The report sub-totals by cost center or department. This report is available in item number sequence.

Summary Billing

This report lists all of the items received into the warehouse during the month or shipped direct to the customer. It provides a one page summary at the end of the report in cost center sequence reporting the charges incurred during the month by each cost center.

Bill of Lading Report

This report shows selected items that were shipped to the customer during the month. Reported are invoice date, item number and description, unit of measure, quantity per carton, quantity shipped, release number, and ship to location.

Reorder Report and Notice

The report shows the customer all of the items that are below minimum order level. The minimum order level can be set by the customer or based upon weighted average monthly usage. A notice is available that can be mailed to the customer.

D/PAC Updates

Throughout the month we receive suggestions and idea's from our users to enhance the D/PAC Software.  These enhancements are incorporated into D/PAC and set up as a "Monthly Release" for download from the Web Site.  The "Monthly Release" is available at no charge to all of our extended warranty users.  To our users that "are not" under the extended warranty program the "Updates" are available for a fee.

TOTAL Software, Inc. is a professional firm developing software and providing on-going technical and operational support to Business Forms Distributor's. Our technical background is based on many years in the computer industry with over 100 installations throughout the United States, supporting forms distributors since 1983. We are as close as your telephone. Through the use of the internet we are able to quickly handle problems that may arise without subjecting you to costly on-site support.

D/PAC will run on single-user systems as well as networked systems. With the Comet operating system, D/PAC will run as a single user or you can attach any combination of workstations and/or printers.

Add Up The Benefits

  1. A highly experienced, dedicated team that knows the business forms industry!

  2. A use-proven system whose capabilities and benefits can be verified!
  3. A system requiring no technical involvement on your part!
  4. A system continually being enhanced via ideas from all users!
  5. A system that does more to make you more profitable!
  6. A fully upgradable system!
  7. A fully integrated system!
  8. A system that will always be current!
  9. A system that will ultimately cost you less!
  10. A system that you can start as a single user and upgrade to a multiuser and never change software!
  11. A software package you will never outgrow!


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