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A lot of progress has been made on e/Pac - Web interface for D/PAC. 

Fresh test data has been loaded.  Better sort routines for the inventories.  Most of the links are now working.  And the emailed P/O is now in "form" format.  Order history and Order status is still in the works but should be ready sometime next week.  The "Reports" link will be for your customer's cost center reports, forms management reports, and summary billing reports all in PDF format.  You will have the option for your web site to customize the reports and "drop" any links you do not want.  We will consider adding any new links you want if we can do it.

Check it out!  45 days until the official release!  Orders are being taken now and installations will be done in the sequence the orders are received.  Payment is not due until we "start" working on your installation.

Be sure when you "check out" out your order,  to put your name, email address, phone number, and P/O#, so that you will receive the P/O via email that "your" customer will send to you and they will receive when they place an order via e/Pac.

Have fun, and we welcome all comments and critiques.



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