Quotes from D/PAC Customers

"The System Works!! The D/Pac software has allowed us to speed up our billing cycle from 5-7 days to 24 hours. Improves workflow! We have reduced our accounting staff by two people while maintaining current sales volume -- It pays for itself! The tech support people are great to work with, they are patient and diligent in their efforts to help even the computer iliterate -- THE SUPPORT IS THE BEST!"
-- Eugene Batt, Western Plains Business Forms, Mitchell, Nebraska

"If your company would like to completely and efficiently automate invoicing, purchase orders, spec sheets, payroll, forms management, sales reports, receivables, payables, and your complete general ledger functions this software package is the buy of the year. From your initial installation to ongoing support and continuous (monthly) updates TOTAL Software delivers on their claims and then some. I have never experienced such excellent support from any other product I have purchased especially from a software company. This package will save you time and money."
-- Raymond Baker, Data Imaging Systems, Inc., Houston, Texas

"Business Forms, Inc. has used TOTAL Software's package for 2 years. D/PAC is dedicated to the forms business and automation has improved our productivity and professionalism immensely. TOTAL Software has a very devoted support staff and we have been continually impressed with the monthly updates and instantaneous technical support."
-- Shirley Pen, Business Forms, Inc., Spokane, Washington

"I made the best decision possible for my business in acquiring D/PAC. I am comfortable in saying that I purchased the only computer software my company will ever need. This is a good package!"
-- Bob Clark, Clark Business Products, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I've been using the system for nearly 4 years. It keeps me organized and I can keep up with what's going on in my business. I am very pleased with the system.
-- Harry Vaughan, K-Forms & Consultants, Nashville, Tennessee

"Being a one man dealership, I had strong questions as to whether I needed to invest the money and time in hardware and software. I decided to take the step and it has proven to be a very wise decision. I looked at four different systems, studied each one, and finally decided that D/PAC was the answer. This system is complete and does as much or more than other systems that are much more costlier. It has speeded up all phases of my business, especially the billing and order entry processes. The technical support has been superb, the monthly updates keep improving the system, and my only regret is that I didn't take the step sooner."
-- Louis Bruere, Bruere Business Forms, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Every once in a while we all purchase something that works close to the way the seller claims it should. Not only does your software meet your claims but far exceeds our expectations. Whenever we have encountered a surprise, it has been positive. We are not only seeing the direct benefit in the areas we expected but in all areas of our operation. Our filing time has been greatly reduced, our warehouse made more accurate and efficient, and most important our sales department has more time to sell. Due to the size of my customer base and our old system, I was virtually unable to make cold calls. In the first four months of 1997 I have been able to make over 300 cold calls with many of those being seen 2 and 3 times. This has been accomplished while coming in an hour later each day, not working any more Saturdays, and taking off every Friday at noon as of April. Let me sum up by saying if every business decision I had ever made over the past 20 years was as successful as the purchase of your software then I would be retired before my upcoming forty-ninth birthday.
-- Fred Berry, President, Service Business Forms, Nashville, Tennessee


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